National studies show

Boys & Girls Clubs

are a great investment!

Your contributions helps our community.  More children in our clubs mean fewer children without supervision.  Instead of joining a gang, they're joining our Clubs.
Your contribution helps our economy.  Children who get help with homework become successful in school.  Instead of dropouts, they become graduates.  It's much less expensive to nurture and educate than arrest and remediate.
Your contribution fosters healthy living.  Too many young people today are overweight, inactive and unaware of the consequences of unhealthy choices.  Our healthy lifestyle programs focus on nutrition and physical fitness.
Your contribution pays for programs, staff, facilities and equipment.  We have learned through staff training and experience how to serve children in a way they will never forget.  We have results to prove a return on investment.  We have children in need and people who care.  We just need your help in bringing the two together.



Boys & Girls Clubs of the San Gorgonio Pass

PO Box 655,  Beaumont, CA  92223

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